Image Use

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Free Images

Free images include any of my images that I have posted on Facebook, that contains my watermark.

You can use these images for profile pics, phone screens, desktop backgrounds and other personal digital uses. You can also print the free images using your home printer. If you have another use in mind get in touch with me.

I do not permit the use of my images within AI services; while I acknowledge the value of AI as a tool and utilize it for specific tasks, including assistance in crafting the wording on this page, my concerns with the industry’s model training practices prevent me from authorizing their use in AI training or content generation.

These images are generally 1024×1024 to 2048×2048, if this suit your needs, then no payment is needed.

When using free images please give me credit without suggesting I endorse you.

Have you used one of my images? Send me a photo of what you’ve done, I’d love to see what you’ve done.

What is considered personal use?

Personal, or Non-commercial, use is a use for solely your own personal purposes. For a use to be considered “Personal” it must meet ALL THREE of the following:

  1. Your use must not involve an exchange of money.
  2. Your use must not directly or indirectly result in any financial gain.
  3. Your use must not promote a business entity (including non-profit organizations)


If any of these criteria is not met the use is deemed “Commercial.” Contact me if you are interested in using any of my images commercially.

These uses are not permitted